Your Health and Worship ”…He is also interested in our daily health habits.”


Bible Reading: Exodus 21 – 22; Psalm 12; Acts 4

Scripture: ‘‘And ye shall be holy men unto me; neither shall ye eat any flesh that is torn of beasts in the field; ye shall cast it to the dogs.’’ Exodus 22:31

Observation: As the children of Israel gradually moved into God’s Promised Land for them, God began to give them a set of rules to guide and direct their lifestyle in the new land they were moving in to inherit. Apart from laws that spelt out their relationship to God and towards one another, God also unveiled to them laws that would help them live healthy lives as God’s holy people.

Application: God is not only interested in our daily devotion or worship; He is also interested in our daily health habits. Eating meat strangled or killed by wild animals would mean exposing His holy people to health risks as some of the wild animals in question might be infected. Eating such animals would mean exposing God’s community to epidemic. Who can worship God under severe health conditions? Absolutely no one. If our health is of utmost importance to God as worship can only be rendered to God under good health and a sinless state, our total lifestyle; physical  (including eating habit) and spiritual must be in top gear at all time.

Prayer: Take an inward look at your lifestyle…how can it improve your relationship with God? Pray about it.