Fresh Dew Daily Devotional: Mark Of a Sheep

Date: 08/08/2013
Bible Reading:

Scripture: “But you do not believe because you are not my sheep.” John 10: 26 NLT

Observation: Continuing His dialogue with the Pharasees following the healing of the man born blind in John 9, Jesus made it clear to the Pharasees that His sheep listen to His voice and follow Him. Not only were the Pharasees not His sheep, He also made it clear that they were also hired hands who would leave the sheep in the face of danger and run for their safety but as the Good Shepherd, He lays His life for the flock.

Application: Do I listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd and do His bidding or I rebel against Him and His teachings? Do I live like the Good Shepherd that cares about the safety of God’s flock in my care or I leave them in the face of danger and run for my safety?

Prayer: Teach me to follow Your ways as a sheep and as a shepherd put over God’s people.

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