Fresh Dew Daily Devotional: To Whom Will You Compare God?

Date: 24/07/2013

Bible Reading: Isaiah 40 – 42; 1 Peter 3

Scripture: ” ‘To whom will you compare me? Who is my equal?’ Asks the Holy One.” Isaiah 40:25 NLT

Observation: God simply has no equal. He holds the oceans with His hands. He measured the heavens with His fingers. No one can advise Him, no one has enough knowledge or wisdom to teach Him and He needs no instruction from anyone. All the gods of the earth are the handiwork of man. They cannot be compared with our God. God alone rules over the affairs of man. When you consider the expanse of the earth, yet everything is right in His palms, God is worthy of praise. If God is so great and mighty to have all at His feet and command, there is just nothing He cannot do, nothing He cannot provide.

Application: God has the earth in His hands, He has everything under His control. If I put my trust in Him I will find strength, I shall not be disappointed, I shall not be put to shame.

Prayer: I put my trust in You, my King and LORD. May I find strength, grace and help in You.

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