SOAP is a unique way to study the Bible—Fresh Due devotional: Introducing Bible Life Journal

I wish to introduce Bible Life Journal, a unique way to study and keep a daily journal (note) of God’s of word in your own way as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Everyday comes with some chapters of the Bible, which we must read. Expectedly, we are to go through these chapters and depend on the Holy Spirit to lead to us. Whichever verse of the scripture the Holy Spirit ministers to us as individuals, observations or lessons learned are made, self application noted, then prayers.

This approach is based on an an acronym known as SOAP: S(scripture), O(observation), A(application), P(prayer).

Here is an example: Date 18/07/13
Reading taken from Isaiah 32-35, James 2

Having read all the above Scriptures, I made an observation in James 2:1. So I take this as my Scripture.

Scripture: “My dear brothers, as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus, don’t show favoritism.” James 2:1 NIV

Observation: All persons irrespective of social status should be respected, loved and treated equally. There should be no discrimination amongst God’s children. We are all by the law of God commanded to love our neighbours without regard to position. If we show favoritism, we sin against God and insult the poor.

Application: No matter the circumstance, I must treat all persons equally for by doing this I respect God’s command to love and show respect even to the poor.

Prayer: I ask for forgiveness for discriminating amongst your children. I pray that you help me to love all persons equally no matter their positions. In Jesus name.

This was quite simple. I do hope you find it helpful. I shall post daily readings the night before to give all time to study the Bible and take note. Please do get an exercise book for this purpose. I encourage you all to post your journal so that we may learn from each other as the Holy Spirit inspires us.

Tomorrow’s reading is taken from 2Chronicles 29-31, James 4. I hope to hear from you.

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