Helllo readers, I feel I should reblog this. It has a few amendments. Happy reading.

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Like the birth of every baby, every new year comes with joy. The moment a baby is born, the mother in particular pays so much attention to ensure that her new baby is well taken care of; from early morning bathing to feeding at the right time with the right combination or measurement of feed to changing of diaper to putting the baby to sleep in the right position, etc.

However, as the baby grows, changes beginning to manifest including those never anticipated. Eventually, that baby seizes to be one that should be cared for–like the bathing, feeding, regular diaper changes, but one who wants to do things for herself and decide for herself. All that the parents may do now is to offer some useful advice and the rest will be left to her to decide as you now have a young adult.

So is the new year. At…

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