A New Year is Born.

Like the birth of every baby, every new year comes with joy. The moment a baby is born, the mother in particular pays so much attention to ensure that her new baby is well taken care of; from early morning bathing to feeding at the right time with the right combination or measurement of feed to changing of diaper to putting the baby to sleep in the right position, etc.

However, as the baby grows, changes beginning to manifest including those never anticipated. Eventually, that baby seizes to be one that should be cared for–like the bathing, feeding, regular diaper changes, but one who wants to do things for herself and decide for herself. All that the parents may do now is to offer some useful advice and the rest will be left to her to decide as you now have a young adult.

So is the new year. At the beginning of each new year, we tend to guide the year to our tastes. But as the year matures and things begin to unfold, the reality dawns. No one is going to get younger this year just as no one gets younger any year. As 1999 is greater than 1998 in numbering, so it was as the years advanced. And so is 2013 greater than 2012. Therefore, those who  were 11 months old in December, 2012, will be a year in 2013, 2 will become 3, 10 becomes 11, 20 to 21, 46 to 47, etc. And as we get older with increase in years, so we should also mature in wisdom. Most importantly, as one gets older in years, so does he years on earth diminish.

How young will you be this year? Will you be younger or older? What did you do wrong last year that you wish never to do this year? What were you unable to do last year that you so wish or desire to get it done this year?

We fail in our expectations because we leave God out of our so called New Year Resolutions (James 4:1-4). We ignore the fact that God Himself has good plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11-13). Even Jesus made it clear that He was resolute about the Father’s will (purpose) and not His (Luke 22:42; John 5:30; 6:38.) To this end, He prepared His Spirit, Soul and Body to carry out the Father’s will to death and not His.

If we believe that God is superior, then His plans must be better than ours. So what do you do while making your new year resolutions? Do you make your plans and present them before God to rubber stamp or you inquire of the LORD first in order to know His plans and purpose for you for the year so that you will in turn fit into His plans?

Note, you are getting older. You must avoid those mistakes of life that would need a season to correct…there is time for everything…every season has its time. 2012 is gone for good but 2013 is here; do not toy with it in the name of new year resolution.

Seek God now that He can be found so that He may unveil to you His good plans and purposes for your for 1013 before this once in a lifetime year slips through your fingers.


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