Floodgate of Blessings for 2013

”Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come to You.” Psalm 102:1

2013 may have been a wasted year to you. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing worked out for you. You spent days, weeks, months and in fact the whole calling on God, hoping that He in all His Almightiness would attend to your prayers. Your prayers were not answered, God seemed far away from you. Shame was your crown, your legs knocked against each other as your heath failed. Breakthrough never came your way, friends and loved ones and even those whom you know had no reason to laugh at you, even those who may not dine with you as you are better than them but for your situation, made fun of you. Some said, ‘where is your God? You trusted in Him, let Him come and help you.’ You watched 2012 close on you in shame and misery. As others celebrated the end of another year, you wept in your closet wishing the year never came.

But I say to you, that as 2012 winds down, the LORD shall arise and have mercy upon you, for your set time, the LORD’s time to favour you has come. As 2013 is unveiled, those that laughed at you shall laugh with you. Those that gathered against you shall gather for you. Nothing shall happen to you in 2013, but ALL things shall happen for you for your good. The floodgates of blessings are today open before you. Doors shall no more be closed against you. You shall no more be crowned with shame but with glory. As Joseph was remembered in prison, so you shall be remembered and set free. As the gift of God in him propelled him to higher heights, so shall the little you enter with in 2013 generate much and propel you to greatness. In 2013, you shall see a total restoration of all that you lost in 2012. By this time next year, nations shall celebrate with you for the LORD has given you much room. The Spirit of the LORD shall perfect these in you. Amen

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