Why Not Petition God?

”I proclaimed a fast there beside the Ahava canal, a fast to humble ourselves before our God and pray for wise guidance for our journey—all our people and possessions. I was embarrassed to ask the King for a calvary…” Ezra 8:21-23 MSG

Ezra was leading a batch of Jews back to Jerusalem after years of bondage in Babylon. I believe that within that period the nation of Babylon saw God’s mighty hands over His people. In addition, people like Ezra must have shown through their lifestyle that they were a different breed of people despite being in a strange land. Needless to say, the Babylonians must have taken notice of this.

How was Ezra expected to go back to his heathen captors for help after all their boast that their God could deliver, save and protect them? This is what he said: ”I was embarrassed to ask the King for a calvary bodyguard to protect us from bandits on the road. We had just told the King, ‘God lovingly looks after all those who seek him, but turns away in disgust from those who leave him.’ ”

He knew it was risky going out there with all their women, children and possessions. But the truth was; he could not bow before those whose gods were not up to their God. He could not comprehend going back to them after all the boast about His God. The only option he and others had was to go before God in prayers and fasting that God may show once again His power to save and deliver. And as they fasted and prayed, God answered them.

Many a times were are faced with difficult situations like this. The world tells us that if you can’t beat them, join them. But I say to  you; whatever may be the situation, you do not need to join them. Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego refused the charge of the King to the detriment of their lives and at the end God appeared in their midst.

You must know that you are a special specie with the fulness of God. So, rather than subject the glory of God to shame, go before Him in prayers and fasting. Humble yourself before Him and as He appeared for His children, He will appear in your case.

Don’t sell your pride, self or your spiritual inheritance for anything but stand firm and you will see the glory of the LORD.


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