This Gospel Won’t Embarrass.

”For am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jews first and also for the Greeks.” Rom. 1:16

Have you ever been ashamed of something? We have all been ashamed of or disappointed by someone or something at one point in time or the other.

Now, feeling of shame or disappointment comes whenever we are let down by someone or something we held in high esteem or trusted. Whenever people we trusted act in a way we least expected, the feeling of shame sets in. After you have boasted so much about a thing or someone and at the time you least expected something contrary happens, you feel ashamed and begin to show signs of regret.

We all know what Paul was before his conversion. He was a man who persecuted the Church. He was a man who believed that the Law of Moses was of a higher standing than the gospel of Jesus Christ. Against his persuasion, he saw nothing good about the gospel and the Church. All that Paul had for the gospel and the Church was a sense of hatred, which spurred him to do everything within his means to destroy the Church.

But for him to make this strong statement after his conversion demonstrated his strong association with the gospel of Jesus Christ, which he persecuted. This association no doubt built in him a strong reliance, trust, assurance or confidence in the gospel. He had become so certain about the ability (power) of the gospel that he could lay his life for it.

Paul had seen his own life changed by this gospel. Hehad seen the lives of others changed by this gospel. Diverse healing and miracles had taken place on account of this gospel. Things humanly impossible made possible by this gospel! With all that he had seen happen through this gospel, he said he was not ashamed—embarrassed—let down by the gospel of Jesus Christ. He close association with the gospel had made him even stronger—he was sure about it—he was confident he would never be disappointed by the preaching of the gospel.

As I said in my opening, we feel ashamed or embarrassed when our expectations about someone or something are not meet. In my closing, I make it bold to say that if you can trust the gospel of Jesus Christ enough, you will never be ashamed of it—this gospel will never embarras you—it will never let you down.

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