God’s Righteous Judgement

“Who will render to each one according to his deeds.” Rom. 2:6

Paul pointed out clearly that each one of us — believers and unbelievers alike …. will be judged according to our actions.

If this is true for I believe it is; everyone must obtain a self control valve. First Paul made it clear from Romans Chapter one that God’s judgement is being shown against all wicked people who suppress the truth with their wicked ways. Interestingly, Paul said that these people know the truth through God’s work of creation.

Rather than accept the truth, they gave themselves over to evil; they worshipped idols, engaged in shameful sexual acts, etc. For these reasons and many more, God abandoned them and handed them over to their foolish ways. Worse still, they knew that those who did those things deserved to die as it is today. They went on anyway without batting and eyelid and even encouraged others to do the same.

No one needs to be told that these people will definitely be judged by God’s standard.

However, it’s not sufficient to judge others. If you judge others for their sins yet you end up doing what they do, then you are in no way better than them.

God has been patient hoping that all will come to repentance for He does not take pleasure in the death of any sinner. Both sinners and believers will be judged, that is for sure. The sinner will be judged for his sins and the righteous for his righteous deeds in Christ.

But this is not to say God’s heart is closed against sinners. For that is the reason Christ died; that by Him all shall be saved. Anyone who repents shall be saved. However, if the righteous goes on sinning, he places himself against God’s stern judgement.

Knowing that salvation is not yet complete as long as we remain on earth, we must depend on God’s grace continuously and not judging others as the Pharasees did. For when we judge, we risk our place in God’s Kindgom. Let us be sober in all we do so that God Himself will honour us when He returns.

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