How Desperate Are You?

“And he cried out, saying, ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.’ “ Luke 18:38

This is the story of a certain blind man who broke protocol to receive his healing. His name is not known neither was any mention made to give us an idea of how long he was blind. But from his action, I can say boldly that he had been blind for a long time.

His action shows a man who was now frustrated; a man who desired to do the basic things of life a man should do such as providing for his home. But because of his state, he was shut out.

No matter how much a blind man can go about with his stick, he cannot do most things for himself. Am yet to see a blind man operate a machine, drive a car or even ride a bicycle. Am yet to see one iron his clothes, cook. What do you think a blind man can do in times of emergency? How much can he help himself? As long as one remains blind, that person remains shut out of life. At least I should be able to appreciate the beauty of nature with my eyes! I should not need someone to tell me how beautiful my kids are! Now, that was his situation.

So, when the opportunity came he grabbed it. Despite the attempt by those around to quieten him, he shouted out the more. I feel him say to the crowd, “If you knew my situation you would not ask me to be quiet. Give me way for it is now or never.”

May I ask you: how desperate are you? Do you remember Hannah? How about the Syrophencian woman who desperately needed help for her daughter but was called a dog for asking for help?

All these people and more were not deterred by their situation, rather were propelled to break through life difficulties. Do you recall Esther? She said, “If I perish, then I perish.”

You must act now because your desperate situation requires that you do something drastic.

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