There Shall Be No More Harm

“…The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life…” Psalm 121:6-7 NIV

I have read this Psalm a couple of times but never did I get the revelation the Spirit gave me today while praying with this Psalm. I have, therefore, decided to share a few spiritual insight about this Psalm.

When we think of harm as the word is, we all will agree that it implies something that may cause pain, grief, sadness, evil. Bit what really are those things that may or could cause you pain?

God promised in His word to keep us from all harm. In other words, this is God’s promise to protect His children from whatever pain, sense of disappointment, grief, etc.

While praying with this Psalm today, the Spirit of God made me realise that a bad business deal, i.e an unfaithful business partner could cause me pain (harm) if the unfaithfulness of a business partner leads to losses. He made me realise that the unfaithfulness of an auto mechanic, plumber, mason, carpenter or anyone that I may meet daily could cause me harm. And so He promised to keep me from such things or people that could harm me (mentally, physically or spiritually.)

In case you still do not understand, let me ask you; how would you feel if you gave a certain amount of money to someone to get something done for you, and after days of waiting you neither saw the services provided nor got your money back? Do you consider this to be evil (harm) or just one of those deals that go sour once in a while? If you consider this to be evil, then God’s promise to protect you from harm—all people and things who appear to be genuine but in the real sense are devourers (wasters) is yours.

When I got this insight, I redirected my focus and prayed fervently asking God to keep me from people whom I may encounter on a daily basis in the name of a business relationship or the other but are devourers.

It is painful when you entrust your money or time to someone, yet you get nothing but stories. It is painful when you ask a mechanic to service your vehicle and after all the expenses your vehicle comes back worse off. This is an aspect of protection God has promised His children.

So, just as God has promised us safety in our journeys and protection from death, etc, God has also promised to keep us from agents of waste.

Why not pray God now to protect you and your household from all forms of waste?