Just to say I love you

“For this reason, when I could no longer endure it, I sent to know your faith, lest by some means the tempter had tempted you, and our labour might be in vain.” 1Thes. 3:5

Paul made his heart felt concern for the young church in Thessalonica known “…when I could no longer endure it…” Paul had genuine fear for this church; that except a step was taken something terrible might happen—“I hoped that Satan had not tempted you and made all our work useless.” To demonstrate his love for them in the midst of his concern, he sent Timothy to Thessalonica to encourage them in the faith. Timothy got there just to find out that they were doing so well and at the same time concerned about Paul as he was concerned about them.

The Thessalonica example as seen here encapsulates Biblical principle of love for one another. How do we demonstrate love towards one another? What do we do when a brother is out of church for a week or two and no one knows anything about his state of affairs? Do we feel compelled to reach out to such people or wait till the day we see some how? Paul could not endure for he had not heard a word about the church in Thessalonica. How much concern do we show when a brother or sister is out of reach?

Read this: “Day and night we sincerely pray that we will see you again and help you to have an even stronger faith. We pray that God our Father and our Lord Jesus will let us visit you. May the Lord make your love for each other and for everyone else grow by leaps and bounds. That’s how our love for you has grown.” Vv 10-12 CEV

We all must make the commitment to reach out brothers and friends that have not been seen even in the last one week. Who knows; this might be what he needs to be assured of God’s love and care of the church. Your visit to your local church member might be the only tonic that person needs for encouragement in the faith. Your knock on his door or a phone call might just save him from suicide. Who knows he might have that rope round the neck or some pills to knock him out. So your visit or phone call might just break him.

This is the way our love for one another should grow. We must show that we care. We must encourage one another in the faith. Make out time today, draw a list of local church members and friends you have not seen for a while and reach out to them telling them just how much you care. You would surely heal hurting and grieving souls and restore many to Christ.

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