David’s 400 Men

“Many people joined David. There were men who were in some kind of trouble, men who owed a lot of money, and men who were just not satisfied with life. All kinds of people joined David, and he became their leader. He had about 400 men with him.” (1Sam. 22:2 EASY TO READ VERSION).

These are the sort of people that followed David all through his life as a fugitive — men who themselves had lost hope — men in some kind of trouble, men in debt and even men who were simply not satisfied with life!

Is it not an irony that someone who himself was an outlaw, would find hope in another outlaw to the point of committing his entire life to him? No doubt, these out laws numbering 400 men must have seen something unique in David who himself was an outlaw. They must have seen hope, and found confidence and assurance of life in him. They must have seen a leadership attribute in David, which compelled 400 men to commit their lives into his hands. Most of all, they must have seen God in David.

Yes! Even in his difficulties, David trusted God enough and manifested every bit of this to the point where his life became an attractive aroma, which compelled men to him.

This is instructive; God allows us to go through life difficulties, which serve as vehicles to draw men to Him. I have no doubt that some of those 400 men must have encountered God in one way or the other during their time with David. Thus, we should pray not really asking God to take away difficult times when they come, but pray God to strengthen us to go through them for His glory.

Our attitude in difficult times also matter. David showed himself a great leader under even life threatening circumstances. He never cursed God or asked God, “why me?” He went through all challenges courageously by the strength of the Holy Spirit. This great leadership attitude encouraged men who had lost hope in life to see David as one who could give them life and hope. They simply said, “If David could make it, I can make it.” So they joined his company that formed a formidable military might.

Examine yourself: does your attitude to life attract people to you and God or repels people from you and God?

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