Conquering Life Troubles.

“A righteous person will have many troubles, but the LORD will deliver him from them all.” Psalm 34:19

There is no better way to say this other than as it is written that as God’s children we must face afflictions. This means that afflictions (troubles) must come to a child of God in one way or the other, period.

To my mind, I believe this is the first step to conquering all troubles of life, which is knowing that they (those troubles) must come. With this knowledge, I will be better prepared to handle any when they come because I was forewarned. But how sad it will be to be caught by surprise—those troubles coming unannounced like a thief in the night!

So God made it clear and we in turn must admit that life troubles or challenges must come, we have no choice, so better be prepared because they are coming. But people still blame God for their problems! They say God is not fair, as Christians, they believe afflictions shouldn’t come their way.

Who is man to blame His maker? As long as we remain in this world of sin, afflictions must come. The earlier we come to terms with God’s definite word as written in this verse the better. Otherwise, rather than overcoming your life afflictions, you will continue querying God till you are completely overcome by them.

Interestingly, while God is clear about troubles coming our way, He is even more definite with an assurance that we shall overcome, come what may. Yes, afflictions will come, so have faith, do not get fixated at those challenges but know that in the midst of it all, God has promised deliverance, safety, an escape, etc. So just have faith.

David, the author of this wonderful verse spent a great deal of his time in the wilderness fighting for his dear life first against a sitting King (Saul) who desperately needed to kill him to keep his throne. Secondly, David also had to contend against wild animals in the wilderness. With all the reality of death steering at him daily, he must have recognised that though afflictions (troubles) came his way just as they did, God delivered him from them ALL, as God did.

Therefore, David was in a perfect position to declare: “Good people might have many problems, but the LORD will take them all away.”(Easy to Read Version). This is our assurance; though troubles may come, the LORD will provide a way of escape!

Paul in defending his Apostleship, chose rather to boast (glory or rejoice) in his sufferings (troubles) for the sake of the Gospel (2Cor.11:22-30). Note that he did not get fixated at his life troubles and give up. He counted them all joy and refused to be distracted by them.

Even when those challenges began to overwhelm him and he sought God concerning them, God simply asked him to have faith, and never to get bugged down by them:“…’My grace is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak.’ I am most happy, then, to be proud of my weaknesses, in order to feel the protection of Christ’s power over me.’ “ (2Cor.12:9 Good News Bible).

If we must overcome challenges of life, we must adopt Paul’s attitude to life problems and truly get adapted to it. It is by doing this that we (and the entire world) will see God’s protection over us.

Also note that life challenges draw us closer to God’s purpose for our lives — all things work out for our good, (Rom.8:28).

While life troubles for certainty must come, greater is the assurance that God will deliver from then all. So keep moving and don’t look back.

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