The Sling and the Stone faith.

“…who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” 1Sam. 17:26b ISV

Yesterday, I wrote extensively on this story but on a different theme: How do you fight a battle? The Sling and the Stone faith, which is today’s subject is simply an extract from the previous.

David a young and inexperienced shepherd boy was to face Goliath, a giant standing at 9 feet and a national champion. This was a confrontation no one expected David to come but his views and faith in God marked the difference

Firstly he was grieved that Goliath made mockery of the armies of the living God, (verse 26). Thus, Goliath was actually mocked God. David’s position demonstrated his concern for the honour, reputation and respect for God. So he vowed to do everything to protect this honour and reputation.

Also note that David expressed confidence in God to save him and not in his military experience, (verse 37). With uncompromising trust in God, he fearlessly removed Saul’s armour and went out to war against giant Goliath with mere stones and a sling (verse 39).

From verse 43 you will notice some striking differences between faith in God and confidence in the arm of flesh. While Goliath mocked David’s crude military ware and boasted (as some of us do) about his abilities or strength and how he would simply break David down and give his flesh to the birds to eat, David expressed his confidence in God to save and deliver. He never relied on his abilities for a moment, (verse 45).

David also established something, which the whole of Israel including the King himself never realised;Goliath saw himself as his national champion, the only one who could deliver his people. But David saw it differently, he saw it as the LORD’s battle and declared that God alone could save.

I must saw that this battle was fought and won in the spiritual realm, words were spoken (exchange of words between Goliath and David). Though Goliath spoke, the words he spoke lacked power because they were based on the flesh. However, David’s words had power because they were God’s words.

When David described Goliath as uncircumcised, he was simply telling Goliath in person that he had no portion in God, thus, Goliath could do nothing. At the same time, he was reminding the whole of Israel of their covenant relationship with God as in Genesis 17 (please read it).

All of David’s actions were expressions of confidence in God and His word. Thus, when he released the stone in the sling, what he actually released were God’s words which he had spoken or confessed. Therefore, it was God’s words as expressed by David that slew Goliath, though we saw a physical stone. Simply put, God’s word empowered a physical stone to make it effective. David’s stone alone without the word of God would have been like Goliath’s spare and javelin without God’s word.

Our challenges in life can only be overcome by not just knowing the word of God but expressing confidence by speaking every bit of God’s word into our situations, (Mark 11:23).

One more thing; David was so jealous for God that he would do all including laying his life to protect God’s honour and reputation. Are you jealous for God? Examine yourself.

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