Ichabod – the glory is no more.

Anyone desirous of pleasing God must know that sin extinguishes God’s glory and presence.

”And she said, ‘the glory has departed from Israel, for the ark has been captured.” 1 Sam. 4:22

By this time, Eli was the high priest, seer or prophet and judge over all of Israel. His position was well respected and regarded amongst Israelites as he was their only access to God. Unfortunately, there was sin in his house.

Though Eli lived a holy life, his two sons Ophni and Phinehas had no regard for the things of God or respect for the people. They treated sacrifices offered to God as mere things and even desecrated the place of worship by sleeping with women, (1 Sam. 2: 22 – 25). This did not please the LORD.

Firstly, God sent a messenger to Eli to declare to him the sins of his sons and what God intended to do, (1 Sam. 2: 27 – 36).  Then, God spoke again to Eli through young Samuel pointing out clearly the pending doom on account of sin in Eli’s household.

And indeed it happened. Israel went out to war against their enemies. Not only did they lose the battle, the two sons of Eli died. Worst of all the ark a symbol of God’s glory and presence was captured.

Eli heard of it and immediately died. His daughter – in – law also heard of it and immediately went into labour as she was pregnant. But after delivery she also died after naming her son Ichabod for she said the glory has departed.

Israel suffered huge defeat on account of sin. The ark was captured for the same reason and the entire household of Eli lost out of their priestly calling on the same ground.

God cannot behold sin. Man fell short of God’s glory because of sin. To retain God’s glory therefore, we must make deliberate efforts to purge ourselves of sin as it is the only factor that extinguishes God’s glory and presence in our lives.

Just as Eli and his entire household lost out of their priestly calling, we all risk losing the anointing and calling except we do away with sin.

So, why not confess your sins or areas of weaknesses to God today and pray that He restores you whole? Why not ask God to guide you by His Spirit along the path of righteousness? Also ask Him to give you the grace to resist all appearances of evil no matter the shape, name, colour or size.

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